New How to Make a Valentines Day Video for the Person You Love?

New How to Make a Valentines Day Video for the Person You Love?

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How to Make a Valentine’s Day Video for the Person You Love?

How to Make a Valentine’s Day Video for the Person you Love?

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Finding ways to show your feelings isn’t always easy. In fact, buying presents for those you care about the most, won’t necessarily reflect how you feel, so this year you can try making something for them.

Creating a short Valentine’s Day video shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you have a great story to tell. Besides, a video is something that will last, and your significant other will always be able to watch it no matter what the future brings. So, in this article, we are going to show you how to make a Valentine’s Day video on your Windows PC or Mac, or just with your mobile phones that will truly show how you feel.

How to Make a Valentine’s Day Video on Windows and Mac

There are hundreds of video editing software for Windows and Mac computers you can use to create a Valentine’s Day video, but in this article, we are going to use Filmora as an example. However, each of the steps we will cover can be used in other video editors for Mac and Windows. Let’s check how to make a Valentine’s Day video with Filmora.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

1. It all starts with an Idea

Creating any type of video without having a well-developed idea is virtually impossible because you won’t know which footage to use. Moreover, having an idea of how you want the final draft of the video to look will make it easier for you to select the footage you intend to use during the video editing process.

Once you know exactly what you want to do you can start shooting or collecting the footage you are going to include in your Valentine’s Day video. After you have all the video files you need, place them in one folder, launch Filmora, create a new project and proceed to import the footage by dragging and dropping the files to the editor’s Media tab.

2. Organize the Footage on the Timeline and Enhance the Colors

During the next step, you should add all video clips you would like to use in your video to the timeline. You can do this by simply dragging a particular video file from the Media tab and dropping it to the desired location on the timeline.

Drag and drop valentines video footage to Filmora

Optionally, you can use the Split tool to make cuts in a video clip and remove parts you don’t want to include in the final version of the video . When done, you should right-click on each of the video clips you added to the timeline and select the Color Correction option. You can then proceed to fine-tune the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, or Highlights values depending on how bright or vivid the colors in the original video are. This process can take a while, which is why it is important to be patient and go through it slowly.

3. Add Romantic Filters and Elements

Filmora features Effects and Elements libraries that contain hundreds of different image overlays, filters, and predesigned elements you can add to your project. You just need to click on the Effect or Elements icons in the upper right corner of the screen to start browsing these libraries.

Drag and drop valentines element to video in Filmora9

Once you find a romantic filter or element you want to apply to your footage, you should simply drag and drop it to the video track that is located directly above the one on which your footage is located. You should then position an overlay, a filter, or an element at the exact spot where you want them to appear in your video.

Drag and drop valentines transitions  to video in Filmora9

In case you want to adjust the intensity of an effect you applied you should just double-click on it and then use the Alpha slider to adjust the effect’s intensity. Double-clicking on an element you placed on the timeline will grant you access to the Video tab where you can rotate it, change its on-screen position, or set its Opacity value.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

4. Apply Text Layers

The Titles tab contains more than a hundred different Openers, End Credits, or Titles options you can use in all of your projects. Simply pick the one that best matches the style of your video, then add it to the timeline and double-click on it in order to start customizing it.

Drag and drop valentines texts and titles  to video in Filmora9

Once you insert the text , you can pick the font, color, or this size of the text, as well as set the spacing between two lines of text. Optionally, you can use Filmora’s Advanced Text Edit window if you want to have complete control over all layers of text you add to your video.

5. Create the Soundtrack

Music will give your video the rhythm and it will make it more entertaining to watch, which is the reason why you shouldn’t skip this step. In case, you already have an audio file you would like to use as a soundtrack for your Valentine’s Day video, you can import it into Fimora the same way you would import a video file. You can then add it to an audio track and adjust its duration so that it matches the duration of the entire video.

add music for valentines video in Filmora9

You can also use Filmora’s library of royalty-free songs to create the soundtrack for the video you are making. Just head over to the Audio tab, pick a song from Electronic, Rock, or Tender & Sentimental categories, and add it to the timeline.

6. Export the Video

When done with all these steps, you should preview the video you’ve created and if you like the results click on the Export button. You can then proceed to select the video format in which your video is going to be exported, choose the preferred resolution or the frame rate .

Furthermore, Filmora lets you export all videos directly to your YouTube or Vimeo channels, which can save you a lot of time on uploading videos to these video hosting platforms. Nonetheless, how long the rendering process is going to take depends on your computer’s processing power.

Creating Videos with Valentine Video Maker for Android

If you find the process of making a Valentine’s Day video on Mac and Windows computers a bit too technical, then an app like Valentine Video Maker that lets you edit photos and videos from your Android phone is the perfect option for you. You can install the app for free and use its video editing tools to combine photos and video clips into a captivating Valentine’s Day video.

Valentines Video Makers App for Android

Creating slow motion or fast forward videos is yet another option you’ll have at your disposal if you choose to edit your videos with this app. The best part is that you can create a new video with Valentine Video Maker in just a few minutes and share it on social media.

Using Valentines Video Greetings Maker on iPhones

Even though there are lots of different video editing apps for iPhones, very few of them enable their users to create customized Valentine’s Day messages. So if you would like to surprise the person you love with a beautiful Valentine’s Day message, you should install Valentines Video Greetings Maker on your iPhone.

Valentines Video Makers App for iPhone

The app lets you combine an unlimited number of images or videos and record your own customized voice message to accompany the video you created. Each video greeting you create can be shared on social media with a single tap or sent directly via email. Keep in mind that you must make an in-app purchase in order to be able to save your video greetings to the Photo Gallery.


Making something special for the person you love is going to make this year’s Valentine’s Day a day to remember. All you need to accomplish this is a video editing software like Filmora and a great idea for a Valentine’s Day video. Are you going to make a Valentine’s Day video for your significant other this year? Leave a comment and share your opinions with us.

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